5.2. Before Starting Construction

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Construction occurs in a short time compared to the planning and operating phases. Yet construction is where major errors are made. Be prepared before starting. Make sure everything is in place, including

The contract is signed before the contractor touches the site.

5.2.1. Construction Contract

Contracts vary from as long as a book or a single page. In any case it is necessary to have a written agreement on what is to be done, even if the municipality is doing the construction itself. Here are basic items to be included in a construction contract:

  • names of parties
  • beginning and end of contract
  • description of work by contractor
  • responsibilities of contractee
  • period of guarantee of performance by contractor
  • payment schedule
  • incentives for early completion and penalties for delays
  • amount of earth to be moved in cubic meters
  • location of site
  • site concept drawing
  • construction working drawings
  • materials list.

5.2.2. Construction drawings

  • To keep costs to a minimum, professionally drawn construction drawings by an engineer or architect are usually avoided unless legally required or the site has specific difficulties such as a steep slope, unstable soil for foundations, or other factors which require engineering services.
  • The exception to this is the biodigester drawings which are usually pre-established.
  • In any case it is advisable to have a construction contractor or manager assist with completing construction drawings.
  • Changes during construction are noted on a separate set of working drawings. These are kept on the site and amended as operations and modifications proceed. This is the only way operators know construction history of the project.

5.2.3. Safety on Site

These facilities are constructed near raw wastewater outlets. It is essential during construction to isolate wastewater from the site by diverting the flow. This protects workers from contamination.

5.2.4. Materials and Equipment

A general checklist of construction materials and equipment is included in the Workplan. This varies according to the size and configuration of the facility.

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