6.4. Before you let Wastewater in...

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A priority for beginning operations is to plant trees on the site at the earliest time and the largest possible size. This stabilizes soil, provides shade, prepares for low-maintenance production, and begins to uptake large quantities of water.

Before wastewater is allowed to enter the facility:

  • A complete inspection is done by the contractor, municipal sanitary engineer and local water authority. This is repeated 3 - 4 months after wastewater starts running through the facility. Only after the second inspection should the final payment be made to the contractor, to ensure that all dykes and structures function.
  • Materials and equipment for operations are purchased and on site as per Workplan.
  • Contract between the operator and municipality is signed.
  • The operating budget is established.
  • Operator is living on site.
  • Safety and health procedures are established.
  • Ponds and waterways are cleaned.
  • Systems are tested and operational to the extent possible without wastewater inputs.

Example of a daily, weekly and monthly operations checklist is found in the 'Guide to Wastewater Recycling for Tropical Regions.

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